Herbal Lore #4: Rose – Free Oracle Card

Tips on Herbal Lore & Magick: My fourth free herb lore oracle card! The beauty of the Rose conjures images of love and romance. However, the rose never forgets to protect itself from those that would do it harm or take advantage of its delicate nature. The information sheet contains its taxonomic classification, native distribution, medicinal and magickal properties! … Continue reading Herbal Lore #4: Rose – Free Oracle Card


Colour Therapy #2: Flowers in a Riot of Colour

To create a bit of atmosphere I would suggest listening to Chen Yue's haunting rendition of  Arash Ghomeishi's 'Flowers in a Riot of Colour' with the piano and chinese bamboo flute (Dizi). On that note: Here is a series of coloured Flower - and Botanical pages for some end of the month inspiration! You are more … Continue reading Colour Therapy #2: Flowers in a Riot of Colour

Art Share #1: Metatron’s Compass Cube

A design on metatron's cube and a compass (rose of the sea). Metatron's cube is a sacred geometric symbol that represents the molecular arrangement of all life (atoms self-arrange in this pattern). Thus, collectively the design translates to a universal life compass that assists with all your journeys. Metatron's Compass Cube Crossover-body Bag by All_Natural_Spirit … Continue reading Art Share #1: Metatron’s Compass Cube