Colour Therapy #2: Flowers in a Riot of Colour

To create a bit of atmosphere I would suggest listening to Chen Yue's haunting rendition of  Arash Ghomeishi's 'Flowers in a Riot of Colour' with the piano and chinese bamboo flute (Dizi). On that note: Here is a series of coloured Flower - and Botanical pages for some end of the month inspiration! You are more [...]


A Meditation in Ink #1: Orchid Study, One of the Four Gentlemen

I have recently started Japanese Ink-Painting (also known as Suiboku(ga) or Sumi-e), however I cannot find the right supplies here in South Africa. I found some of the ink on one site, but its too expensive for something I am just experimenting with and I have had no luck with the brushes or ink stones. [...]

Photo Share #7: Orchid Flowers

A photo a member of the Orchidaceae (Orhid) flowers. I take photos of the animals in their natural environments and hence I do not disturb them, they are found, photographed and left as I found them. Orchid Flowers Laptop Sleeve by All_Natural_Spirit The art print is available as various customisable products on ! Orchid Flowers [...]