Colour Therapy #1: Iced China Mandala, Rainbow First Nation Mandala & Moondala

Mandalas are spiritual symbols from Hinduism and Buddhism that represent the universe and the transient nature of life. They are often created with various coloured sands by Tibetan Monks as a visual aid during meditation. You can read more about Mandalas @ Wikipedia.

On that note: Here is a series of coloured Mandalas for some mid-month inspiration!



Colour, mandala, color, pages, download, free, example, all natural spirit, TheCatHatter, personal use only
Iced China Mandala


Colour, mandala, color, pages, download, free, example, all natural spirit, TheCatHatter, personal use only
Rainbow First Nation Mandala


Equipment used:

  • Faber Castell WaterColour EcoPencils (24x pack)
  • Pentel Japan Aquash Waterbrush Water Brush Pen, Medium


Post-coloured pages are from the book “Mandalas Colour & Doodle: A collection of beautifully designed line drawn illustrations, to help colour and doodle the stress away…”. Coloured designs have copyright by North Parade Publishing Ltd., which means coloured pages and their derivatives may be used for personal (non-commercial, i.e. no re-selling) purposes.


Colour, mandala, moon, moondala, color, pages, download, free, example, all natural spirit, TheCatHatter, personal use only

Here I was messing around with my new pencils to get a feel for how to work with them…

Equipment used:

  • Derwent InkTense Pencils (12x pack + 3 extra pencils [apple green – 1400, deep violet – 0760 & tangerine 0300])
  • Pentel Japan Aquash Waterbrush Water Brush Pen, Medium


A post-coloured page: The blank Moondala version is available for FREE from ZennedOut!

PS: Zenned Out also has a FREE 2018 Lunar Phases Calendar! Get It Here!


All the art pieces on this page is protected under a CC-by-NC 3.0 licence and therefore can be used for personal and non-commercial purposes when given attribution to All Natural Spirit ( Should you want the high-resolution versions, please drop me an email:

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Moon Lore #1: Full Moon Names for the Southern Hemisphere

Moon, Full Names, All Natural Spirit, Ritual, South Africa, Southern, Hemisphere, Lore, Luna, Lunar, Pagan, Native American

Tips on Working with La Luna:

I improvised a list of names for the Southern African Full Moons, which are suited to our cultivation times, crops, seasonal occurrences and weather events. Historically the lunar cycle (lunation) was used to determine the time of year in the lunisolar calendar. Modern religious and spiritual movements have allocated names to the full moons within each solar calendar month. Here I provide a list of Pagan (likely derived from the Celtic and Medieval traditions) names and  Native American (most used) names for the full moon. This is not an exhaustive list and there are many variations. Globally, many cultures have a list of names for the lunar months, those listed here are the most popular.

Tip: You can place your crystals and other spiritual tools in the light of the full moon (just because you can and some extra moonlight ju-ju gives us good vibes)! Remember the moon is technically full (as in, above the 90% mark) for 3 days; i.e. the day before, the day on and the day after = extra awesome ju-ju vibes!


-Good Vibes-

All Natural Spirit

Spirit Animal Lore #1: Cat – Free Oracle Card

cat, spirit, animal, guide, totem, metaphysics, mystery, magic, moon, mischief, high, resolution

Tips on Interpreting Spirit Animal Messages & Meanings:

My first free spirit animal lore oracle card! Cats are ever curious and playful. They are one of the most popular pets globally, bringing laughter and heart-melts where ever they go.  I have here a printable (customise to any size you like) information sheet regarding the mischievous little animals known as Cats. The information sheet contains their taxonomic classification, habitat and diet as well as their metaphysical superpower of 9 lives! I explain what the message of the cat spirit animal (or totem) is and how they guide you through your life.

Tip: Be aware that when invoking cat-relates deities you’ll invite mischief into your home!

I have two downloadable files here for personal and non-commercial use (click links blow). You can use the cards for readings, but the production of them as a deck or individual cards for selling is not permitted. Print out & enjoy! There are more crystal flash cards to come!

High Resolution JPEG (2434 x 3463 pixels)

High Resolution PDF (Set printer to 50% size to get a A6)

Oracle Card Products for Sale!

I have added this card to my Zazzle Online Store! These products do not include any logos or attributions! You can purchase it there as a:

  • Note card i.e. 3.5 x 5 inch table card with two paper media options (the back can be customized under the option Customize → Back (drop down menu) → Remove Image by clicking on the ‘x’)
  • Notebook (6.5 x 8.75 inch, spiral bound, 80 black and white lined pages)
  • Pocket Journal (3.5 x 5 inch, customizable inside and outside colours, several page inserts options)



Free Crystal Oracle Card 1#: Pearl

-Good Vibes-

All Natural Spirit