Early Christmas Gift: The Free Oracle Cards of 2017 by All Natural Spirit

Here I provide all of the free oracle cards I have created throughout 2017. There is a PDF booklet version, which you can print to any size you want.


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The PDF booklet has all 9 oracle cards of 2017. It contains 3 crystals, 3 spirit animals and 3 herbal totems each on their own page. The crystals are associated with the chakras, the spirit animals with planets and the herbal totems with the elements. They all include public domain photos, but attribution is still given to the source. I also made a list of the symbols I used in the cards and gave their correspondences at the end of the document. Please attribute all cards to All Natural Spirit when you use them for personal, online purposes or for client readings. However, production and selling (for commercial purposes) of the cards is not allowed through this licence.

PDF Booklet (high resolution, 2.36 MB)

Individual Images:

I would truly appreciate any feedback or reviews about these cards, please let me know via email (allnaturalspiritproducts@gmail.com) or leave a comment on my blog.

Thank you & Enjoy!

All Natural Spirit


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Thank you & Blessings!

All Natural Spirit


Art Share #2: Earth Turtle Spirit Animal

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The turtle is a symbol of harmony, longevity and taking life at a steady pace. I wanted to combine elements of the World Turtle myths from several cultures (those from China, Maori, Native American and Ancient Greece).

Available as a print, please see my Fine Art Digital Print Page for more information. Also available @ ImageKind!

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Example of the framed picture

You can print to any size and frame the way you want! You can print as many copies as you like, under a personal and non-commercial licence. All intellectual and commercial rights belong to All Natural Spirit. More photos to come!

Alternatively, both art and photo prints can be purchased as digital files through my HelloPretty Online Store. The JPEG will be emailed to the buyer within 10 days after purchase in made. The JPEG file will not contain the logo or text as seen in the sample pictures.

– Good Vibes –

All Natural Spirit

Spirit Animal Lore 3#: Frog – Free Oracle Card

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Tips on Interpreting Spirit Animal Messages & Meanings:

My third free spirit animal lore oracle card! Frogs are strange and wonderful animals. Their most valuable evolutionary trick is that of metamorphosis. I have here a printable (customise to any size you like) information sheet regarding the slippery amphibian known as the Frog. The information sheet contains its taxonomic classification, habitat and diet as well as their metaphysical superpower of bringing rain! I explain what the message of the frog spirit animal (or totem) is and how they guide you through your life.

Tip: Frogs are associated with water and their statues can be used in rituals asking for rain.

I have two downloadable files here for personal and non-commercial use (click links blow). You can use the cards for readings, but the production of them as a deck or individual cards for selling is not permitted. Print out & enjoy! There are more crystal flash cards to come!


High Resolution JPEG (2480 x 3496 pixels)

High Resolution PDF (Set printer to 50% size to get a A6)



-Good Vibes-

All Natural Spirit