Resources: Books, Blogs & Such

Here is a list of recommended references to books, blogs, websites and articles that I have found and read. I only list here the ones I truly enjoyed, I found the most comprehensive or complete, learned the most from and that have a permanent place in my library collection.

Metaphysics & Alternate Healing:

The Healing Handbook, A spiritual guide to healing yourself and others. Tara Ward. 2008. Arcturus Publishing Limited.

Benebell Wen: Author, Tarot Expert and Independent Metaphysician by Benebell Wen

Cauldrons & Cupcakes: Recipes for Creativity, Soul Growth, Writing and Life… by Nicole

Points of Five Tarot by Nicole Hanna

Zenned Out Blog by Cassie

Spirit De la Lune Blog

Shanthi Healing: Homeopathy | Plant Based Medicines | Healing Foods by Yesh

Whispering Earth: Nature patiently waits and we have only to turn back to her to find relief from our suffering – Dr Bach by Lucinda

Agnostic Universe, Agnosticism has been adding metaphysical honesty to both belief and disbelief since 1869 by Jeff

The Fragrant Pharmacy, A complete guide to Aromatherapy & Essential Oils. Valerie Ann Worwood. 1990. Bantam Books

Everybody’s Aromotherapy, A complrehensive guide for All Ages. Helen Ranger. 2001. Tafelberg

Meditation & Mindfulness:

Benefits of Meditation @ Live and Dare

The 12 Master Virtues @ Live and Dare

Zen Habits, by Leo Babauta. Blog

Daily Zen

Zen Brain Reflections, Reviewing Recent Developments in Meditation and States of
Consciousness. James H.Austin, M.D. 2006. The MIT Press.

The Way of Zen. Alan W. Watts. 1957. Pelican Books.

Personal Blogs:

Gray Bear in the Middle by Gray Bear

Barefoot Pagan Life by  Patchouli Sky

An Artist’s Path by Sue Viseth

Down the Forest Path by  Joanna van der Hoeven

Bella DePaulo – what no one told you about singles & single living!

Energy Healing:

The Handbook of the Soul. Editors: Richard Carlson, Benjamin Shield. 1995. Library Journal.

Crystal Enlightenment, The Transforming Properties of Crystals and Healing Stones. Katrina Raphaell. 1985. Aurora Press

Crystal Healing, The Therapeutic Application of Crystals and Stones. 1987. Aurora Press

The Crystalline Transmission, A Synthesis of Light. 1990. Aurora Press

The Druidry Handbook, Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Living Earth. John Michael Greer. 2006. Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.

Eastern Body, Western Mind; Psycology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self. Anodea Judith. 1996. Celstial Arts.

Relating to the Sciences:

Fooled By Randomness, The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets. Nassim Nicholas Taleb. 2001. Random House.

Setting Science Free from Materialism. Rupert Sheldrake, PhD. 2013. Explore. 9:211-218.

Quantum Meta-Physics by Paul Levy

Ponte, D. V. and Schäfer L. 2013. Carl Gustav Jung, Quantum Physics and the Spiritual Mind: A Mystical Vision of the Twenty-First Century. Behavioral sciences 3:601-618. doi:10.3390/bs3040601. Open Access


The Medicine Wheel, Earth Astrology. Sun Bear and Wabun. 1992. A Fireside Book, Published by Simon & Schuster.

Discovering Runes, Bob Oswald. 2008. Chartwall Books, Inc

The Anglo-Saxon runic poem: a critical reassessment. Aya Van Renterghem. 2014. MPhil(R) dissertation. University of Glasgow.

Inspirational Light Bringers:

Ancient Skies

Soul Healing Art by Kimberly Harding


Please feel free to share & care any comments or questions!

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