Metaphysical Art #1: Evil Eye Digital Protective Wards (Free Downloads)

This post was inspired by Benebell and her Evil Eye | Bell Chimes In #12 YouTube video. After watching her video and reading the post that inspired her (The Evil Eye is Alive and Well by Avalon Cameron) I wondered why there aren’t any digital wards against this affliction seeing as it can traverse digital and social media platforms… and the following pictures were the result of the collaboration with my muse. I provide them here for free download! I ask that you please give attribution to my work (CC-by-NC 3.0) by linking back to this page if you do place them up on your Facebook pages, twitter feeds, blogs or websites.

PS: I have a few images at the bottom for those who want protection, but don’t vibe with the Nazar. Both Benebell’s and Avalon’s posts provide more background information to the Evil Eye (see WikiPedia too) and how to protect against it, including a protective talisman by Benebell.

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#1: Metatron Nazar Cube Wards

Here are pictures (High Resolution JPEG links below) that combine the Nazar and Metatron’s Cube. The Nazar protects from bad intentions directed to you from other people.  Metatron’s Cube is a sacred geometric symbol that represents the molecular arrangement of all life (atoms self-arrange in this pattern). Thus the design translates to a sacred universal protective ward against all bad intentions. Available in two colour versions.

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#2: Nazar Flower of Life Wards

Here are pictures (High Resolution JPEG links below) that combine the Nazar and the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life is a sacred geometric symbol that represents perfect form, proportion and harmony. Leonardo da Vinci even drew a diagram representing the Flower of Life. It depicts the fundamental arrangement of space and time. Thus the design translates to a sacred and harmonious protective ward against all bad intentions through space and time. Available in two colour versions.


#3: Nazar Moon Chandelier Ward

Here I combined the symbolism of the crescent Moon, Triple Goddess and the number 3 to create a tiered chandelier. The crescent moon is associated with inner and personal potential, the triple goddess is associated with the life stages of women (maiden, mother and matriarch) and the number 3 has been both a luck and sacred number in many cultures worldwide. Thus the design translates to a sacred protective ward against all bad intentions, especially invoking the divine feminine for guidance.

nazar, moon, triple goddess, number 3, protection, protective, symbol, evil eye, digital, ward

#4: Nazar DreamCatcher Ward

The peacock feather has always been associated with protection magic (since the eyespots are very similar to wards used against the Evil Eye in many traditions) and is also attributed to many protective deities. Peacocks are even used to protect other poultry from predators! I styled the ward into a DreamCatcher, which also are highly protective talismans. And also because I love DreamCatchers!

nazar, dream catcher, protection, protective, symbol, evil eye, digital, ward

I have several protective products for sale based on the Metatron Nazar Cube! Door/window ornaments, diaries, bags, trays and scarves to protect you, your ideas, your possessions and your loved ones!

#5: Discreet Protection Wards

As mentioned above, I have a peacock feather as well as two geodes (like blue agate), which when set with the intention of protection on your digital platform of choice it will be aesthetically pleasing and a more discreet protective ward. Images sourced from Pixabay Free Images. These are public domain pictures and no link is required back to this blog post.

All the art pieces on this page is available for free download and are protected under a CC-by-NC 3.0 licence. Therefore they can be used for personal and non-commercial purposes when given attribution to All Natural Spirit (

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Free Oracle Cards for 2017 booklet last page by All Natural Spirit allnaturalspirit.wordpress
Free Oracle Cards of 2017 by All Natural Spirit

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I have a MSc in the Biological Sciences and am a certified Crystal Healing Practitioner with the Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics.

Please Support Me: I offer my artwork as a variety of customizable art products and prints at Zazzle (I get a referral at Zazzle when you use my link – even if you don’t buy my products)!


The Fountain of Youth, Human Evolution & Futuristic Synthetic Life: Where does that leave the individual, what about the soul?

21 December 2017, 18h28:

Summer Solstice for the Southern Hemisphere

Today is the summer solstice – it is the day of the year where we experience lengthened daylight hours and have shortened night hours. In the Southern Hemisphere we are at the peak of summer with high temperatures and frequent rainfall, which means an abundance of food and cherished time with the family.

The summer solstice is aligned with Fire, an element equally capable of creation and as it is destruction. The element of fire is often associated with the mind, which is able to come up with wondrous ideas that assist humanity (light aspect), but it can just as easily come up with many cruel ways to harm another (shadow aspect). Here I also link Fire with Earth, where a mental idea born from fire manifests as a physical entity; perceived in its solid form, like the earth. Thus, this leads to the main theme of today’s article.



What is the future of humanity? Many debates between citizens and scientists alike have led to interesting and disturbing predictions, from single toed-feet to uploading our brains into computer networks. However, one key point is somewhat over-looked in many of these predictions; the one where evolution and natural selection mostly operate in a ‘natural’ environment.

RWS Tarot 13 Death Wikipedia Rebirth Humanity Synthetic Organic Life
What is the future of humanity? Organic or Synthetic Life? How will we be reborn after death?


“Everything is everywhere nature selects” as well as “Survival of the fittest” generally rule the progression of a species throughout their interaction with nature. So, the question becomes: Does evolution in this sense still apply when we start to add the advances of technology as an ‘environmental factor’ in an ever-increasing synthetic life..? Because, we are living in a world, and living our lives more removed from nature than ever before and closer to technology – so much so that technology becomes the new environment. Thus, nothing natural would exist anymore for evolution to select upon. Therefore, should we not be more concerned rather with our self-imposed artificial selection? Whether-or-not some of us are more optimised towards the initial integration, and later the creation, of wholly synthetic humans…? Human-computer integration in the form of robotic bodies to brain networks seem more likely, especially if we live on a harsher Earth where resources become increasingly scarce, genetic modification would likely be vastly unreliable/irreproducible due to the complexity of DNA and its interaction with cellular mechanisms, and additionally, if we have not yet developed the ability to become space-faring. Genetics as the bases of Evolution becomes nearly obsolete.


Human Future Space Stephen Hawking


Several films, such as Transcendence, Ghost in the Shell as well as TV series such as Pure Genius already touch upon this topic of blurring the line between natural and synthetic, whereas the movie Arrival and the video game trilogy of Mass Effect even ventures towards alien-contact as a means of improving humanity. When one starts to replace the physical body with synthetic material, the physical identity becomes blunted even to a point of non-existence, since customisation of our entire outer appearance (such as eye or skin colour, hair type, length of limbs and body shape) could become just as easy as applying make-up or pressing a button. We also see a scenario where genetics starts to become less important, in the sense that disease-resistance or healthy physique becomes unnecessary, because a ‘robotic’ body would surpass all of that. Only those who are mentally (and emotionally) strong enough would be able to survive (and become templates for new human life). When I refer to strength here, it is in the sense of having enough willpower and enough sense of identity without a ‘fixed’ natural body to be able to live as a synthetic. Whether we obtain our body through brain-transplantation (as in Ghost in the Shell) or get modified as we go (similar to Pure Genius), it leaves one thing in question – what about our souls? The part of us that guides our identity, our morals and ethical values, our capacity for compassion and humanity – when we are not even ‘human’ anymore…


Time Arrival 2016 Dr Louise Banks


We already see individuals in our societies with no regard for human life, including their own life regardless of the fact that we are all so very mortal. Existing as synthetic life would be in effect the ‘Fountain of Youth’ situation where robotic bodies do not age or become diseased and when damaged, can be repaired. Effectively we become immortal. I am assuming that some human-like activity would still be necessary in robotic bodies, such as supplying the brain with nutrition (through eating in some way) as well as sleeping (for the brain to process information). But, if the brain itself also becomes synthetic and we simply upload our consciousness into these bodies or even discard bodies entirely, opting for life in a digital network. How do you retain your sense of self and soul? What about of perception of time? How does our value of life change and would things like emotion still be possible? Or would we simply be reduced to electrical signals as our minds become stored as digital information? It would be far easier to be space-faring as digital signal rather than physical bodies. Maybe it would be possible to seed other planets with physical life through the transportation of ourselves in digital code, much like DNA travelling on meteorites. Could this be the salvation or the extinction of ‘The Human Identity & Soul’? Is evolution towards the digital our new path for survival?


Borg Star Trek First Contact allnaturalspirit.wordpress


Would you be able to live as a synthetic, without physical identity? Where you essentially become raceless, even genderless – would you retain enough identity to preserve your uniqueness and expand your perspective as digital code? How would this type of change influence the socio-economic state of our communities? When we no longer fight over land that has oil or water/food for sustenance? When discrimination based on physical appearance falls away – no more bureaucratic tick boxes of gender, race and nationality, not even religion or culture! No comparisons of physical prowess, beauty or age! Everybody becomes physically equal, since the body is stripped from the human experience. When physical actions, such as eat, sleep, run, swim, get married and even the bearing of children ceases to exist as our lives become converted to alternate universes based on digital constructions? How would your morals and ethics change?

Are you able to create an identity representative of yourself without the purely physical? Would you be able to retain your soul, grow and thrive as a person without a physical world? I think this is an important point to consider and it will dramatically change the way in which we presently view the world, ourselves and others. We start to identify with ourselves and others beyond the physical, to truly appreciate each other as people, not just as bodies. Since, we are more than just our bodies and to truly understand or love someone is to realize that they have the potential to exist without a body. To ultimately see and cherish people as they are; precious lives with unique souls.


Soul Ghost in the Shell 2017 Aramaki