7 Day Positivity Challenge: Gratefulness Day 2

Here is my Day 2 Gratefulness Note You are free to share my gratefulness note! First Post for the #7DayPositivityChallenge Gratefulness Day 1 Download Here #7DayPositivityChallenge - Gratefulness Guidelines Recap Get yourself a sticky note, piece of paper, journal, digital canvas - whatever you feel like as long as you can put this piece of [...]

7 Day Positivity Challenge: Gratefulness Day 1

Introduction Seeing as we are all pretty much remote workers at present, embracing our inner hermits for the next few weeks and that the whole world is in a state of doom-and-gloom, I have decided that I am going to cultivate some daily positive thinking! I am going to do this by being mindful about [...]

The Big Blah & The Evolution of Spirit

20 March 2020, 05h49:Autumn Equinox for the Southern Hemisphere Today is the autumn equinox – it is the day of the year where the hours of light and night are equal for both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. In the south this marks the first day of Autumn, whereas in the North it signals the [...]

Inspirational Quote 3#: Quite Simplicity of The Golden Koi Fish

Momentary expressions are simply part of being presentAll Natural Quite Simplicity | Golden Koi Fish Inspirational Spiritual QuotePostCard from RedBubble

Easter Egg Themed Cards: Snap Card Game Deck & Gift Tag Set

Another new deck coming your way! This time round I have created my first Easter Themed Deck! I have spent a couple of weeks creating this deck. I have split it into two functional decks, each using the 12 Easter Eggs featured in the picture above. About The Game Deck & Gift Set Both are [...]