Art Share #3: Design Challenge – Zazzle Baby Shower Invites

I am fortunate to be a free-style and carefree artist, as my art is mainly a hobby and not a prime source of income. However I do like sharing what I create, also a lot of people like my work, and thus many of my artworks can be found on Zazzle.

Generally I do not make ‘mainstream’ or ‘themed’ art, but I thought it would be a fun challenge to take up the Zazzle call for Baby Shower Invite Designs and I had a bit more time on my hands than usual (as well as looking for something to do… 😉 ).

I make art that is all-purpose or multi-purpose and do not restrict the audience that the art may receive, hence my invite designs are very different from the rest of the ‘mainstream’ invites you’ll find on Zazzle. Also, I can’t stand those overly babyish pictures/images.

Nearly all of the designs feature art that I created with traditional media (wet and dry combinations usually) as well as some digital designs from public domain pictures. Many feature special poems or rhymes that I wrote myself (especially the Mad Hatter Tea Party, Guardian Angel, African Ndbele and the Ella Heart series, which comes in a Girl (pink) and Boy (blue) colours as well as Twins and Gender Reveal (blue and pink) versions)… I think I got a bit rhyming mad by the time I finished the Mad Hatter Tea Party invite (below), because for the rest of that day my thoughts would make rhymes with everything I saw and did! LOL!

Baby Shower Invitation Poems and Rhymes by All Natural Spirit:

  • Mad Hatter Tea Party Poem

They all came from far and from near,
to see the news they’ve been waiting to hear!
We celebrate new life with those dear,
as mommy Beth* reaches a new frontier!
Let us all sing and cheer,
as we watch her little one* grow year-after-year!

  • Guardian Angel Rhyme

Guardian Angels take flight,
as you travel in the night,
bless our baby* with your divine light.

  • African Ndbele Rhyme

Sing songs of joy, voices clear, for all the heavens & angels to hear!
The day has finally arrived and mommy* is in for a big surprise!

  • Ella Heart Poem

Big or small,
Short or tall,
It doesn’t matter at all,
I’ll love you most of all!

*Names can be changed, and mommy/baby can be replaced with Daughter, Sister, Mother, Wife and or the Recipient’s name…

Many of the designs showcased in this post are also available for any other purpose, such as birthdays, baptisms, congratulations, weddings, engagements, bachelorette, best wishes, valentine’s, Mother’s day, Father’s day and get well soon (and the list goes on…) cards and/or invites! Phew!

I am sure all my South African readers will recognise where the inspiration for the following invite came from 😉

The Zoo Biscuit invites were inspired by the “Iced Zoo” animal biscuits. The “Iced Zoo” biscuits are produced in South Africa by the Bakers Company. The biscuit consists of a rectangular scalloped edged cookie with a rectangular icing base and they are topped a white icing animal.

The Iced Zoo biscuits come in an assortment of brightly coloured icing bases and various animal toppings. Thus, I thought it would be a fun idea to make invites based around their general design.

I have designed several zoo biscuit invites, including seven different coloured animals and a mixed colour/animal design (8 in total). They are also available as birthday invites and birthday cards.

All the cards have easy-to-use templates, which means you can type your customized or personalized message right into the card!

All my invites have very different front and back designs (most of the mainstream designs have all the writing on the front and only a plain/patterned design on the back).

The invites come in a variety of printing choices: standard and high-resolution, 12 different paper types, 6 different shapes and 8 different sizes to suit any need!

I didn’t expect to be making Baby Shower Invites… but it was actually fun to do something different for a change and I got to flex my ‘designer’ creative muscles a bit! 😉

These Baby Shower Invites were designed for Zazzle’s Groupon Feed… I am not sure if they will be there or if they are going through a selection process first. This is only happening after 15th of April and I am not sure when they’ll be up on Groupon (groupon is no longer in South Africa)… I will update the post once I know if or when they’ll be there (so you can get a good deal 😉 )… so check back regularly for updates!

All my Baby Shower Invites are under their own collection on Zazzle:


All my all-purpose or multi-purpose greeting cards and invitations are also under their own collection on Zazzle:

Please feel free to browse any of my other cards/invites as well as taking a peek at other my art products too! I have sorted my store to make it easier to find exactly what you want! Zazzle has added a ‘Follow’ button to the store so you can keep up with my latest products 😉

Designing up a storm

All Natural Spirit


Please feel free to share & care any comments or questions!

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