Art Share #1: Metatron’s Compass Cube

metatron, cube, sacred, geometry, compass, rose, sea, wind, directions, north, south , east, west, universal, metaphysical, properties, meaning, atoms, life, flower, tree, fruit, seed

A design on metatron’s cube and a compass (rose of the sea). Metatron’s cube is a sacred geometric symbol that represents the molecular arrangement of all life (atoms self-arrange in this pattern). Thus, collectively the design translates to a universal life compass that assists with all your journeys.

The Metatron Compass Cube artwork is available as art prints on Zazzle, as well as various framing options to your exact specifications!

    • Poster: US$ 8.85
    • Photo: US$ 27.50

The art print is available as various customisable products on Zazzle!

– Good Vibes –

All Natural Spirit


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