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I am a Researcher by profession, an Artist by compulsion, a Spiritual Eclectic by choice and All Natural Spirit is the result of their integration.

I have a PhD in the Biological Sciences and am a certified Crystal Healing Practitioner with the Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics. All Natural Spirit was inspired by Nature, the concepts surrounding Symbolism and the desire for Spirituality. The aim of my blog and my stores are the cultivation and expression of the Soul through DIY stress management ideas and tools derived from Meditation, Metaphysics and Magick.

I am an an Award-Winning Blogger and previous International Pro-Designer with Zazzle, now an Artist with Redbubble! Please browse through my blog posts & shop items. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

Thanx for the visit!

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Artwork & Design Projects on RedBubble

I experiment with different types of art mediums and expressions of creativity. These have become quite prolific and seeing as many people enjoy these Weird, Wonderful and Wacky art pieces; which can be found at RedBubble.

Here my art has been converted to several print-on-demand art products, such as Office Supplies, Home Decor, Invitations, Post Cards and Clothing. RedBubble also makes effort to source environmentally responsible products and provides a platform for Artists, Makers and Designers to showcase their work.

Oracle Card Projects & Make Playing Cards eShop

I have several Oracle Card and Deck Projects, which are based on months of meticulous research. I have full articles detailing my research packed with additional references and resources. The resulting cards are available for purchase from my Make Playing Cards eShop.

Please see my international MPC eShop Page for an overview of all the available cards, decks and boxes as well as links to their blog articles!

Celestial Rune Sigils - The Metaphysician's Toolbox Oracle Deck
Celestial Rune Sigils
Elder Futhark Runes Mini Oracle Deck
Elder Futhark Runes
Anglo-Saxon Frisian Futhorc Runes Mini Oracle Deck
Alngo-Saxon Futhorc
Younger Futhark Runes Mini Oracle Deck
Younger Futhark

Zenner Color ESP Mini Deck
Zenner Color Mini

Blog: Science, Symbolism & Spirituality

Natural Living, Symbolism & Spirituality in a Modern World… Bringing Meditation, Metaphysics & Magick into Everyday.

My blog features updates from my ongoing projects as well as several posts about meditation and mindfulness for those trying to find peace and balance in the ever increasing craziness of our modern lifestyles. I have Equinox and Solstice posts which touch upon ideas and concepts outside of normal convention. I also write about alternative healing methods and their scientific validity as well as discussing other interesting developments in the words of science, symbolism and spirituality.

Please see my About Page and Blog for more details.

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